The Best Photos You've Ever Seen of Yourself | Austin Beauty and Boudoir Studio Photographer

I want to take the most amazing photographs that you’ve ever seen of yourself. One of the best things people say after seeing their images is always… “Oh my gosh how am I ever going to decide which ones? I love them all!” Yes, that’s right, so get them ALL! That’s what this lovely lady said when she was grinning ear to ear at the sight of her images. We did a few beauty shots of Miss ‘S’ before moving onto her boudoir images. See just a few of her gorgeous beauty/glamour images below.

Sometimes, I hear objections to why people don’t think they are ready to do a beauty or boudoir session...

“I need to lose 10 pounds.” - You do not need to lose 10 pounds! I am good for 10 pounds on posing alone!

“I’m not photogenic.” - There is no such thing as being photogenic. It has everything to do with how comfortable you are in front of the camera, and that is MY job! When people light up in front of the camera, it’s because they feel comfortable, and I’ve done my job well.

“I don’t want anyone to see the photos.” - Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, and your images will not be shared without your permission. So rest assured, if these are just for you and/or your significant other, no one else will see them.

“I can’t afford it.” - I totally respect your financial situation, but I’ve worked to keep my sessions and products attainable to every woman. I accept all credit cards, offer interest free payment plan options, and applying for PayPal credit is also an option that many of my clients have utilized. I even offer gift cards on my site which can be purchased by your partner, best friends, etc… Every woman should do this, and you can too!

“I don’t look like the women on your site.” - Yes you do! The women on my website are women just like you. They are not models. And they look like they look due to posing, me making them feel comfortable in front of the camera, and guided wardrobe selection for their body type. All of them are gorgeous an have beautiful bodies. No one has a “perfect” body... We ALL have things we wish we could change, improve, etc. We are all our own worst critic. If you HAVE a body… THAT. IS. PERFECT! Let me show you how beautiful you are! Women don’t come to me because they have what society says is the “perfect” body. They come to me because they want to be proud of the one that they do have. The body that is perfect for them! Maybe they met a goal, or they’re getting married, it’s their 50th birthday or their 20 year wedding anniversary. They come to me because they haven’t done anything for themselves in a decade, or they forgot who they are because they feel like all they are now is a Mom and a wife and they need to see themselves again. You name it, I’ve heard it. Any reason, or no reason, they’re all valid reasons to do this. But having the “perfect” body, is not the reason.

Whatever reason you are afraid of doing this, is probably the very reason you should do it. I challenge you to sit in front of my camera, and give me the opportunity to see what I can see, and to show you what other people see when they look at you.

If you don’t love them, you don’t have to buy them. Miss ‘S’ loved ALL of her images and here are just a few favorites she allowed me to share. I’m in love with her boho vibes in her first look, Miss ‘S’ has the most piercing blue eyes… and you can never go wrong with a little black dress. She said she loves her freckles, scars and tattoos. I say, ‘Go girl!’

Enjoy! XOXOX - KB