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QUESTION : What is the difference between a “Beauty” Session and a “Boudoir” Session?

ANSWER : Boudoir Photography is a genre in which the subject is captured in an intimate setting, in any stage of dress or undress (in lingerie, loungewear, intimate apparel, or nudity/implied nudity. These images are romantic, raw, candid, and feel effortlessly unposed. Boudoir embraces your strength, and femininity. The most popular products for boudoir clients are our custom albums and your favorite images in print. A Beauty Session is for women who want a more modest set of beautiful images they can share with the world. Wardrobe for a beauty session can be a little black dress, a modest bodysuit, fabric draping, your favorite leather jacket and jeans, etc. Most beauty clients choose print collections, and add wall-art to their order. For both beauty and boudoir sessions, the finished product is a variety of about 50+ images to choose from and design your custom products with. Visit our GALLERIES to see the difference between beauty and boudoir for yourself.

QUESTION : What is included with my session? How much should I expect to spend?

ANSWER : The KBB beauty and/or boudoir experience starts at $500 +tax. That includes the photo shoot with Kimberly, professional makeup application with lashes (hair can be added), the retouching of your best images, an in-person photo reveal where you get to feast your eyes on your gorgeous images, order photo products a la carte or build your products that are included in your collection. It also includes a $50 product credit to use towards your order or upgrades. I offer this a la carte session experience,, as well as collections that include more. For the entire experience, session & products, my clients tend to spend between $900 - $2,500 depending on what products they choose. Be sure to contact us at for detailed information on pricing, and collections to see what products will be available to you during your photo reveal appointment.

QUESTION : Do I get a digital copy of my session images?

ANSWER : Whatever you purchase in print (prints, wall-art, album, etc), you will also receive a digital copy of those images with your purchase. I also offer an option to purchase the digital images individually, or the full collection at print or web resolution. Just inquire for detailed pricing!

QUESTION : Do you offer payment plans?

ANSWER : Half of the session fee is taken at the time of booking and your remaining session fee balance isn’t due until the day of your session. If you need a payment plan option, I do need 50% of the a la carte session cost to hold your session date, and I can offer a no interest payment plan option, however please know that with this option, your product cannot be delivered until they are paid in full. Another wonderful option some of clients have opted to use is the PayPal credit option, which you can apply for directly though their site.

QUESTION : What is your rescheduling and refund policy?

ANSWER : I understand that life happens! If you need to reschedule your session, your retainer is transferrable with at least 48 hours notice. There is a small rescheduling fee to take care of my makeup artists who have also blocked out time to be present for your session. Your session will need to be rescheduled within 90 days. Due to the custom nature of photography, the session retainer and anything you purchase is non-refundable. You’ll have final say on all retouching and you’ll see all album layouts before they are sent to print In the event that I myself have an emergency and must reschedule your session for any reason, you will be rescheduled at no additional cost to you, and I will also take care of you with a special gift.

QUESTION : Will you use my photos on your website or in social media, etc?

ANSWER : Only if you let me! I value my clients’ privacy and I will not share images unless you give me permission. I will honor whatever level of privacy you indicate when you complete my privacy/release form after your session with me. Many clients grant me permission to include their images in my portfolio, but my privacy agreement has varying levels of permission from “share it all” to “keep my images totally private” and everything in between. I’d be honored to share your images as a part of my body of work, but your secret is safe with me if you aren’t comfortable with that. 

QUESTION : I am not a model, and I’m nervous, should I do this? Will you help me pose?

ANSWER : YES! The women on my website are not models. They are all just like you, were nervous prior to their shoot, and just went for it. I am good at what I do. I will coach you from your hair to your tip toes, and will direct you through your entire session so your images look perfectly UNposed. I have experience in posing all body types, and all levels of comfort in front of the lens. You don't have to know what you are doing… that’s my job. I just need to show up, trust me, give it your all, and the rest will fall perfectly into place.

QUESTION : You can ‘photoshop’ that, right?!

ANSWER : My retouching philosophy is simple. I will make your skin look its best, while still keeping it natural looking (no plastic here). I will edit blemishes, flaws, bruises and under-eye circles. Generally speaking, if it’s permanent, it stays… unless you specifically ask me to remove it. My skin-smoothing process will take care of most skin issues and stretch marks. I rely heavily on posing, angles and wardrobe coaching to play down areas that you want to hide. My goal is to show you that you are beautiful just as you are, and you will see that when you view your images! If you have crazy tan lines, this is something that is incredibly difficult to edit/retouch. In this case, we may need to postpone your session in order to let the lines fade. If you would like more extensive editing, we can quote a per-image price, based on your requests, after you’ve chosen your favorite images at your photo reveal.

QUESTION : How far in advance do I need to book my session?

ANSWER : We need to do your shoot at least 4 weeks prior to the date that you need your final products in-hand. If you need your products faster, I do have a rush option for an additional fee, but even that still takes 2 weeks minimum. Bottom line, don’t wait to book your session. I tend to book up fairly far in advance, so don’t delay in reaching out to get on my calendar. 

QUESTION : I work during the week, do you take sessions on the weekends?

ANSWER : Most of my sessions take place on the weekdays (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), in mid-morning time slots. Weekends are reserved for my family and Jesus. I have incredibly limited weekend availability, and only offer a few Saturday session times per year. My clients LOVE taking a full or half day off of work to enjoy this experience!


QUESTION : When will I see my photos?

ANSWER : I am excited to offer in-person, no-pressure photo reveal and ordering appointments, about 2 weeks after your session date. This is when you see all of your glorious photos, touch and feel our sample products, and start to build your very own custom collection of artwork. I do this for your convenience, image safety, and to help you in the process of choosing products that fit your needs. The in-person reveal is always the most favorite part of the experience, and I can’t wait for yours! For out of town/state clients, we have a special option, so please be sure to let us know if you are traveling for your session!

QUESTION : Where will my session take place?

ANSWER : Our beautiful and unique, natural light studio is currently located 10 minutes South of Austin! It has amazing walls with gorgeous textures, original hard-wood floors, and the most magical light you can imagine. I utilize several rooms within the studio, one of which does contain our beautiful bed. On-location photo shoots are welcome if you would feel more comfortable, or if you have a special location in mind. On-location shooting is available for a small additional fee, and locations must be approved by me… Just be sure to ask!

QUESTION : The images on your website are fairly modest, what if I want my images to be more racy?

ANSWER : What you see on my website and social media feed is an accurate representation of what I offer as far as “style” is concerned. I can also include more ‘exposed’ images than what you will see in my online portfolios (due to privacy reasons), if that is what you are going for. During your shoot, depending on your comfort level… I will shoot a range of clothed, partially clothed, tasteful implied nudes, and exposed breasts and bum. My company policy is that NO pelvic area will be visible in my work and I do not photograph women in “compromising” positions or situations. I am not a prop photographer, so if you are wanting to include props, please let me know in advance to see if we can accommodate you. If you love what you see in my portfolio, then I am the photographer for you! If you are looking for something very different, I’d love to help you find someone who is right for your vision.


QUESTION : What should I wear?

ANSWER : You could wear so many different things and we will make it all work. I’ve had people walk in with tons of different lingerie options, and also people who bring a tank top and one set of panties and we rock it out just the same. My best answer for you is… Wear what makes you feel strong and sexy, what makes you feel your best!  My favorite style is an effortless look, like that tank and panty set that I mentioned. But a bodysuit, an oversized sweater or crop-tip and high waisted panties, lingerie with beautiful heels, or your favorite leather jacket, ALL of these options are amazing. Basically, if you feel like you don’t want to spend more money on lingerie, I promise you can rock your session with what you have in your closet already! Most of my clients do opt to do a “nude” set during their session.  In a 1.5 hour photo session, we will have time for up to 3 looks/outfits, and "nude" DOES count as an outfit. Once your session is booked, you will also receive a detailed prep guide that includes detailed wardrobe information that will answer all of your questions.


QUESTION : Can I have someone with me during my session?

ANSWER : Absolutely! Bring your bestie for moral support and extra fun. My policy is that you can have one female friend accompany you to your shoot. I do ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot, but they can absolutely help me out and tell you how gorgeous you look as well. Spouses, partners, boyfriends, etc may NOT be present at the session. Some of my clients opt to come to their session alone, however most do bring a close friend for support. The only thing better than having a friend with you, is booking your shoots back-to-back and experiencing all the fun together. I also offer Boudoir Parties for groups of 3-5 friends for the ultimate girl-power experience! This can make for an awesome girls weekend in Austin, or an amazing Austin bachelorette party experience before your wedding! Just inquire about this option when you contact us!

QUESTION : I am so pale, do I need to tan before my session?

ANSWER : No, and actually, please don’t. I would rather you be pale, and I can add warmth to your skin in post processing, than try to make your skin less orange in post processing. Unless you are getting the most expensive air-brush tan available, your skin will likely appear blotchy/streaky and orange in photos. If you lay in a tanning bed, you will have white marks on pressure points and will likely look orange in photos. If you do a stand up bed, you will have white marks under your rear end, and you will probably appear orange in photos. If you are a year-round tanning bed frequenter, I would actually ask that you don’t tan before your session.

QUESTION : I’m getting married and I’m doing a trial with my hair and makeup artist, can I use that for my boudoir session with you and lower the cost of my session?

ANSWER : The short answer is no. Here’s why... I have a specific team of artists that I work with that do makeup and hair specifically for photography and we have worked together on what worse best for my images. The look and process for photography is often very different than a wedding day look. I also don’t want you to miss out on a single moment of pampering which is part of the experience for your session with me. I hope you enjoy your trial for your bridal look, and I know you will love what my talented and experienced artists will do to play up your gorgeous natural beauty on the day of your session with me!

QUESTION : Can I do my own makeup to save money?

ANSWER : Please see ANSWER above… ^^ Professional makeup is such an important part of the photo pampering experience and also the final outcome of your images. Unless you are a professional make artist yourself, the professional makeup application is an included part of your session cost that cannot be removed. I promise you will not regret having this as part of your Kimberly Brooke Boudoir experience!

If you have any questions that I did not answer here, please click the CONTACT button above to send me a note, and I will get back to you ASAP! -